Uncontrolled hazards, the improper use of or lack of personal protective equipment (PPE), and other unsafe acts and other conditions are warning signs highlighting the lack of a positive health and safety culture in the workplace. In order to increase health and safety awareness while also fostering a good culture, employers need to reflect, establish, and enforce their company’s health and safety policy through effective programs.

Lead by Example

Employers need to lead by example and it is no different when it comes to health and safety. Every worker, supervisor, and employer in a company needs to display a commitment to the established health and safety objectives. These objectives have to be reflected in the company’s health and safety policy and enforced through the health and safety program. Employers are moreover mandated by law to ensure that their workers are carrying out protective measures and procedures, in addition to other important responsibilities.

Employers and managers can learn not only from training programs, but through every investigation conducted and many forms of workplace discussion. As part of these learning mechanisms, employers need to constantly review the policy, programs, procedures, and protocols to ensure that their health and safety objectives are met.

Communication is Key

It is also crucial that employers emphasize and communicate the importance of health and safety in all facets of the company’s operation. Incorporating health and safety into every discussion, meeting, and documents sends a signal to the rest of the workforce that health and safety is of high priority. Additionally, every member of the workplace should be encouraged to participate in formulating policies and procedures, troubleshooting, conducting safety inspections, risk assessments and investigations.

The amount of money, time, and staff allocated towards health and safety programs in a workplace is the key demonstrator of management’s commitment to fostering a good health and safety culture. Employers must display this commitment on an individual level and must be seen at their workplace ‘preaching and practicing’ safety.